MOTOR Hot Tuner


MOTOR’s unique and long-running Hot Tuner programme has taken a significant turn to meet the changing needs of Australia’s vibrant and world-leading performance aftermarket.

Originally instigated as a multi-discipline motorsport showdown pitching vehicles of all makes and models against one another over two days, MOTOR has updated the Hot Tuner model to focus on more in-depth reviews on some of the country’s most cutting-edge late model performance vehicles.

These enhanced road cars will be thoroughly reviewed by MOTOR’s talented journalists and the results laid bare. As always, we’re rewarding tuners that can formulate refined enhancement packages for their customers that deliver awesome performance without compromising drivability.


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Tunehouse Subaru BRZ review

Subie’s Boxer enters the ring packing Tunehouse’s turbo tech, landing a knockout blow to the standard BRZ

Tuning your Ford Mustang for ADR Compliance

Educate yourself on ADR compliance before getting some goodies for your new Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang Hot Tuner 2017 Winner: Mustang Motorsport MM-R727

All hail Australia’s fastest aftermarket-enhanced Mustang

Ford Mustang Hot Tuner 2017 2nd place: Harrop Supercharged GT

When too much excess is never enough

Ford Mustang Hot Tuner 2017 3rd Herrod Compliance Pack

Mundane by name, monster by nature

Ford Mustang Hot Tuner 2017 5th Tickford 360 Power Pack

More than the sum of its aftermarket parts

Ford Mustang Hot Tuner 2017 6th Harrop Mustang GT

Naturally aspirated grunt proves a winner

Ford Mustang Hot Tuner 2017 4th place: Streetfighter SFP II GT

Proving that sometimes less really is more

Ford Mustang Hot Tuner 2017: Introduction

Saddle-up! It's a venerable stampede of Australia's hottest powered-up ponycars

Ford Mustang Hot Tuner 2017 7th place: Mustang Motorsport EcoBoost MM-R350T

Turbo Mustang gets a grip on track work

Ford Mustang Hot Tuner 2017 8th place: Tickford EcoBoost

Breathing life into Ford’s four-potter

Ford Mustang Hot Tuner 2017 DNF: Streetfighter SF700S

‘Entry-level’ performance with a big difference

Hot Tuner 2016: Behind The Scenes

Fickle mistress that she is, Mother Nature rained on the Hot Tuner 2016 parade

Hot Tuner 2016: Best Bang For Your Bucks

What about best bang for buck?

Hot Tuner 2016 1st place: Hi-Torque Nissan GT-R

The turbo-spool noise you get when you tickle the throttle is manic, evil and lovely