Valvoline MOTOR Hot Tuner Challenge

MOTOR's Hot Tuner Challenge is the longest-running event of its type in the country, and the only truly independent review of aftermarket performance-enhanced, late-model vehicles in the world.

Set up in 2009 as a way to support the talented Australian performance tuning aftermarket, the event thoroughly tests and reviews tuned cars by putting them through their paces on the drag strip, the circuit and the chassis dyno.

It awards well-rounded vehicles that excel in all disciplines, and tuners that can formulate refined enhancement packages to their customers that deliver awesome performance without compromising drivability.


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Hot Tuner Challenger 2010- 150K Plus

Mega-buck heroes round out this year’s Hot Tuner 30-car extravaganza

Hot Tuner Challenge 2010

Mid-pack motley crew lays down some big surprises

Herrod Motorsport’s FPV GS Ute

On the dyno, the Herrod ute scored big with 472.3kW at the tyres

Hot Tuner 2015: Game On

Nine cars, more than 3000kW, but only one winner

Hot Tuner 2015: CPC BMW M4

CPC took one of the most visceral high-performance cars and made it better

Hot Tuner 2015: Harding Volkswagen Golf R

Can Harding’s skull-motif Golf R deliver another Hot Tuner killing?

Hot Tuner 2015: Herrod Ford Falcon XR8

Herrod bets on a ‘less is more’ approach with its latest hi-po Henry

Hot Tuner 2015: Herrod Ford Fiesta ST

Giving a new meaning to the term pocket rocket

Hot Tuner 2015: Hi-Torque HSV Gen-F Clubsport

Say hello to the most powerful car to front at Hot Tuner, ever

Hot Tuner 2015: MRT Subaru WRX

Tricked-up base WRX gives the STI a lesson in performance

Hot Tuner 2015: ROH Wheels Toyota 86

ROH’s wild child returns with a point to prove

Hot Tuner 2015: Tunehouse Toyota 86

Painstaking on-track development is Tunehouse’s mantra

Hot Tuner 2015: V-Sport Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG

The lightest touch may prove the most deadly