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Bang For Your Bucks 2016: $0-50K

Budget bullets face off for the title of Australia’s best value performance car under $50,000

Hot Tuner Challenger 2010- 150K Plus

Mega-buck heroes round out this year’s Hot Tuner 30-car extravaganza

Hot Tuner Challenge 2010

Mid-pack motley crew lays down some big surprises

Herrod Motorsport’s FPV GS Ute

On the dyno, the Herrod ute scored big with 472.3kW at the tyres

MOTOR Tyre Test 2016

Finding the best high performance tyre in Australia

MOTOR Tyre test 2016: Slalom

Testing the tyres' lateral grip to its extreme

MOTOR Tyre Test 2016: Dry Braking

How quickly can our chosen tyres halt proceedings?

MOTOR Tyre Test 2016: Motorkhana

Cone course tests every aspect of a tyre's performance

MOTOR Tyre Test 2016: Lateral G

How much grip can each of our contenders generate?

MOTOR Tyre Test 2016: Wet Braking

Do any of these tyres slip up in the slippery stuff?

MOTOR Tyre Test 2016: The Verdict

A worthy winner sweeps the board in all categories

Tyre Test 2016: Bang For Your Bucks

Which tyre offers the best performance for the least outlay?

Performance Car of the Year 2016

Eleven of 2015's best cars, but only one winner. Game on

Porsche 911 GT3: PCOTY '16 The Winner

Not just the best of 2015, but one of the best there has ever been. The 911 GT3 is your new PCOTY champ


With the most potent PCOTY field ever, the public road isn't the place for pushing limits. Welcome to DECA