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$0-50K: Audi S1 Sportback #7

Lots of fun, but lots of money, too

$0-50K: Renault Megane GT220 #8

RS-lite locked up by the fun police

$0-50K: Holden Astra GTC #9

Stronger on paper than on track

$0-50K: Hyundai Veloster Turbo #10

Has the buck, but not the bang

$0-50K: Ford Falcon XR6 #11

Slow, but satisfying. Except for Morley...

$0-50K: Peugeot 308 GT #12

Judges either love or hate the 308

$0-50K: Citroen DS3 #13

Pricey and slow not a good combo

Hot Tuner 2015: Game On

Nine cars, more than 3000kW, but only one winner

Hot Tuner 2015: CPC BMW M4

CPC took one of the most visceral high-performance cars and made it better

Hot Tuner 2015: Harding Volkswagen Golf R

Can Harding’s skull-motif Golf R deliver another Hot Tuner killing?

Hot Tuner 2015: Herrod Ford Falcon XR8

Herrod bets on a ‘less is more’ approach with its latest hi-po Henry

Hot Tuner 2015: Herrod Ford Fiesta ST

Giving a new meaning to the term pocket rocket

Hot Tuner 2015: Hi-Torque HSV Gen-F Clubsport

Say hello to the most powerful car to front at Hot Tuner, ever

Hot Tuner 2015: MRT Subaru WRX

Tricked-up base WRX gives the STI a lesson in performance

Hot Tuner 2015: ROH Wheels Toyota 86

ROH’s wild child returns with a point to prove