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Hi-Torque Performance Nissan GT-R: Hot Tuner 2016

Godzilla comes to Hot Tuner and is very, very angry

Herrod Performance Ford Mustang: Hot Tuner 2016

Shelby Deprivation Syndrome? This will cure it

BWA Auto VW Golf R: Hot Tuner 2016

When the ‘R’ stands for anything but ‘regular’

Harding Performance Audi S1: Hot Tuner 2016

Putting a bit of Group B venom into Audi’s S1

Hot Tuner 2016: The Contenders

Nine tyre-fryin’ hotties line up

Hot Tuner 2016 is GO!

Murphy’s Law was in full effect this year, but nothing stops Australia’s premier modified car shootout – welcome to Hot Tuner 2016

Volkswagen Polo GTI Winner: BFYB 2016 Outright

Hot hatch claims third pound-for-pound championship victory for Wolfsburg crew

Holden SS-V Redline #2: BFYB 2016 Outright

The impressive SS-V Redline steals silver.

Mercedes-AMG A45 #3: BFYB 2016 Outright

Merc's A45 takes the BFYB overall bronze medal

Bang For Your Bucks 2016: Behind the scenes

Our BFYB veteran on the enduring and changing colours of this annual mega-test

Mercedes-AMG A45 #1: BFYB 2016 $50-100K

A hell-of-a-lot-of bang enough to bring glory

Holden SS-V Redline #2: BFYB 2016 $50-100K

Going out on a high, albeit as the bridesmaid

Audi RS3 #3: BFYB 2016 $50-100K

Raw performance enough for a podium position

BMW M2 Pure #4: BFYB 2016 $50-100K

A judges’ favourite, but a formula victim

Chrysler 300 Core #5: BFYB 2016 $50-100K

Yankee power doesn’t offset lack of track smarts