Dwarf cars are documentary stars!

Ernie Adams, 72, lives in Maricopa, in the heart of desert country, just south of Phoenix, Arizona, and builds incredibly detailed, road-legal, roughly half-scale replica cars, by hand, from scratch, in his workshop shed.

He’s been building these amazing machines for close to 50 years, and filmmaker Jeff Diehl has made a documentary on Adams and his pint-size fleet, that includes classic American sedans and convertibles from the 1920s to the late ‘40s.

His first dwarf car was a 1928 Chevy two door sedan, using steel from old refrigerators for an authentic feel, and powered by a 10kW two-cylinder engine.

Watch the trailer for a taste of the doco to come, or check out Ernie's website here - Dwarf Car Promotions.

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