VIDEO: Mark Skaife – "As quick as we could go"

Our second episode of the ‘Lap of the Gods’ mini-series highlights the explosive pace of Mark Skaife and Nissan’s Group A Skyline GT-R around Mount Panorama in 1991.

The stage had been set the year before when Nissan Motorsport’s chances for victory were doused by mechanical problems.

In 1991, however, the GT-Rs were healthy and hungry for revenge, which Mark Skaife made very clear after an all-or-nothing qualifying lap.

With Mount Panorama clear of traffic Skaife instantly took the Skyline to ten tenths, showcasing heroic commitment as he wrestled the GT-R off Hell Corner’s exit curb.

The rest of the lap was close to surgical, and rewarded the 24-year-old with pole position and a time more than a second clear of Mark Gibbs. Skaife made it clear how fast he was going when he dismissed having more up his sleeve and said: “Nah, not really, I think that was about as quick as we could go.”

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