Speed Dating: Ford's hilarious Valentine's prank

Hilarity at someone else’s expense is always satisfying to watch. That’s why prank videos occasionally go viral.

And in time for Valentine’s Day, Ford’s nailed this one titled ‘Speed Dating’. Here’s why it’s brilliant…

It takes one beautiful woman with professional stunt-driving skills and sets her up on a blind date with six blokes. The date progresses into her Mustang GT, where our hot-shoe dame feigns the road experience of an L-Plater. Soon enough they’re in an empty parking lot and, well, she’s not such a bad driver anymore.

There are some interesting reactions as the gender roles are rapidly reversed, one bloke even starts whimpering, and it makes for some entertaining viewing.

Have a watch and tell us how you would react…

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  • I would be a little concerned at first but as she demonstrated her excellent car control I would proceed to get "Very excited".