In pics: Melbourne's Lambo Stash

TEN Lamborghinis huddled meekly in a Melbourne workshop - but these weren't a bunch of old Gallardos sitting as their headlights yellowed and values plummeted. Some were Sant'Agata's most important-ever cars.

And it says something that the most vanilla, plain cars of the lot were two Aventadors, one matte black, another silver. In the middle of the room there was a Countach, behind it an orange Murcielago SV. A red Gallardo Super Trofeo, with its towering rear wing, nestled inside a hoist. There was a Gallardo Spyder Performante looking menacing. And, parked modestly in the corner, looking utterly stunning, a Miura.

All were crowded, unassumingly, out the back of Lamborghini Melbourne - presumably to make way on the main showroom floor for the Huracan, which was 'launching' in Australia late last year, the day MOTOR happened to stumble on one incredible supercar stash.

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