Weekly Wallpaper: Super Bull

Lamborghini Murcielago SV wallpaper

When the letters ‘SV’ arrive on a Lamborghini model you know it’s reached its final, and most extreme, stage.

The Murcielago, for instance, began life with 427kW nestled between its rear axles, however by the time the SuperVeloce fairies had visited it the supercar world was treated to something special.

Like a Murcielago being given the GT3 treatment, the LP670-4 SV was endowed with 493kW/660Nm, lightened of 100kg, and could evaporate triple figures in 3.1sec (MOTOR verified) before tearing on to a top speed of 342km/h if optioned with a ‘small’ wing.

As the Aventador now trundles towards retirement, the revered SV brand has made a return. And for that, we’ve decided to honour the hulking, maniacal the LP670-4 SV before it we drove in 2009, with the fantastic pictures of Mr Spaccarelli’s available to download.

You’re welcome.

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