Maldonator - The Movie

He's the most exciting driver in F1, if for all the wrong reasons.

Pastor Maldonado exploded on to the F1 scene in a shower of sparks and carbon fibre in 2011, his hefty backing from the Venezuelan government buying a seat with the struggling Williams team.

Ever since, his brief flashes of speed - he won the 2012 Spanish Grand Prix - have been punctuated by incidents with almost every driver on the grid and a number of embarrassing solo accidents.

This new film, created by YouTube user Boris Sljivic, features 'highlights' of Maldonado's action-packed F1 career to date, with commentary from fellow drivers and team managers, along with words from the man himself.

This weekend's Canadian Grand Prix offers another chance for the fast but flawed Venezuelan to cover himself in glory, or, more likely, cover the track in bits of F1 car.

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Get your free weekly report from the world of fast cars - subscribe to the MOTOR newsletter!