Mercedes-AMG C63 vs HSV GTS rev battle

Turbos ruin engine sound. Well, the Mercedes-AMG C63's 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 has pretty much belted that stereotype out of the park.

Its deep guttural gurgle shows that our forced induction future needn't be a silent one. However, can it best the good ol' supercharged HSV GTS in a V8 rev-off?

Let us know your preference in the comments below!

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  • NO. CONTEST. HSV HANDS DOWN! Sends goosebumps up my spine.. And a big smile on my face as soon as it was revved....
  • Hsv sounds way better.
  • HSV by a street. That crackle...
  • That GTS sounds extremely good! I've been really impressed with the sound of their new offerings heck even a SS sounds great these days (I'm a huge euro fan boy!) As for TT V8's sounded crap, BMW have this covered with their M5 it sounds like a wet fart...
  • HSV is my choice
  • Both awesome but I love the GTS it's also 40% less??
  • HSV is the pick for me.
  • C63 sounds alot different to that in person.
  • c63s the winner!