HSV GTS vs Ford XR8 Sprint rev battle

It's like the most Australian episode of The Voice ever, only our contestants sound better.

Two home-grown supercharged V8s (yes, ok, the LSA is an American engine, but it's in an Australian car) yelling at one another to prove which one sounds best. 

In the red corner is the HSV Gen-F2 GTS, while representing the Blues is the Ford Falcon XR8 Sprint. Given their similar layouts, they sound surprisingly different.

As for which sounds better, well, everyone's going to have their own opinion, so let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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  • Don't you need at least two contestants to make a contest? One didn't turn up. The Ford sounds like a V8 should.
  • Yep. XR8 sounds more muscular!
  • Prefer the HSV overall but the XR8 wins this clearly
  • XR8... no contest, even some of the guys on the LS forums concede that the Ford engine sounds better
  • XR8 easily