5 things we love about the Volkswagen Polo GTI

5 things we love about the Volkswagen Polo GTI

5 Fantastic features on our Bang For Your Bucks fiscal favourite, the VW Polo GTI.

1. Grunty Engine
Torque aplenty yet keen to rev, this boosted 1.8 makes the polo GTI the muscle car of the mini hot hatch brigade.

2. 'Box Fresh
Reintroducing the manual gearbox was a master stroke on VW's behalf. It's a light, easy shift and an extra 70Nm certainly doesn't hurt.

3. Button Up
Adaptive dampers offer the best of both worlds, a more compliant ride yet sharper cornering when the going gets twisty.

4. Tartin' Up
Call us sentimental, but there's a lot to like about tartan cloth seats. You can keep your leather and your burned thighs, thanks.

5. Fiddy Cent
For VW to include adaptive dampers as standard for no extra cost is an uncharacteristic sign of generosity from a major car company.

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