Holden ZB Commodore: Performance Car Podcast

Welcome to the latest episode of the Performance Car Podcast.

In the latest episode of the Performance Car Podcast MOTOR Magazine Associate Editor Scott Newman is joined by Holden's lead vehicle dynamics engineer Rob Trubiani in a prototype of the new imported ZB Commodore, months ahead of its planned release in Q1 2018.

During the episode they discuss how Trubiani got started with Holden (0:54), what makes a good drivers' car and how the new Commodore fulfils this (3:20), the advantages of electric power steering (4:50), the opportunities a new vehicle platform provides (6:50), the new Twinster all-wheel drive system and how it gives the Commodore a 'rear-drive' feeling (8:15).

They also cover the car's different drive modes (11:20), the importance of good steering (12:15), why Holden tunes cars for Australian conditions and what needed to change (14:20), attaining Nurburgring test driver certification and why manufacturers use it (16:50), setting a Nurburgring record lap time in a Holden VF Redline ute (21:45) and why enthusiasts should give the new Commodore a chance (24:10).

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Enjoy the episode and we'll be back soon with another episode of the Performance Car Podcast.

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