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Sweet Dream: Mazda MX-5 SP

Putting a rocket up Hiroshima’s roadster

Geek Speak: Carbon Chassis

Extremely light, extremely strong, extremely rigid.

Opinion: Losing Australian cars means making compromises

It’s the locals who lose out when the only cars they can buy are built for a global market

Performance Car Podcast: Porsche 911 Turbo

Discussing Porsche's benchmark everyday supercar

9 weird and wonderful interiors

These unforgettable cockpits were either oh-so-right, or oh-so-wrong

30 years of BMW M3: F80 30 Jahre

The F80 M3 is the fiery, temperamental child in an otherwise friendly, fun-loving family

30 years of BMW M3: E92 Pure

The E92 M3 strikes arguably the perfect balance between grip and grunt

30 years of BMW M3: E46 CSL

BMW dusted off a famous badge for the E46 M3 to create a lightweight legend.

30 years of BMW M3: E36 M3R

The need to battle Mazda and Porsche on Aussie racetracks led to the creation of the rarest M3 of all.

30 Years of BMW M3: E30 Evolution II

Where it all started, a homologation special that created one of the finest driver’s cars ever conceived.

2017 Holden Commodore SS V Redline vs 2008 BMW M3

Aussie grunt faces off against German muscle in a $60K dilemma

MOTOR celebrates 30 years of the BMW M3

The family reunion begins for Munich’s iconic rear-drive giant slayer.

30 Years of HSV: Gen F2 GTS-R

We’ve reached the present, and what a gift it is…

KTM X-Bow R Review

If the truth is out there, why not search for it in something from outer-space?

Mazda 6 MPS: Sweet Dream

War wagon the perfect platform for a brand revival