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Audi S3 Sportback vs BMW M135i

Can the new, all-wheel drive Audi S3 boot BMW’s ripping rear-drive M135i off the Bavarian hatchback roost? Let the battle begin!

Mercedes-Benz SL65 goes tractor pulling

One of Australia’s most powerful cars gets a lesson in real grunt from a motley crew of oily Frankensteins

The Future of HSV

Despite the local car industry biting the dust, HSV's top brass is firmly focused on the future

WRX vs Commodore SS-V vs Golf GTI

Recent efforts have left its reputation in tatters, but now there’s an all new WRX ready to wrestle with the new-world order

Koenigsegg One:1

What has 1014kW and terrifies Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche?

Geek Speak: Traction control

Electronic stability systems aren’t exactly the fun police, in fact, they’re fast becoming the opposite

Audi RS4 vs Mercedes C63 507 Estate

So you want a toy that can carry your other toys? Merc and Audi each have a V8 monster-wagon for you. But which is the best?

10 Hottest Ever Hatches

“We name the wildest grocery getters ever built”

Sweet Dream: Subaru WRX STi 23B

New STI? Nah. Subaru, it’s time you built an Impreza more like this

Clio RS vs Fiesta ST vs Polo GTI

A trio of tiny hot hatches provide big-time driving thrills

Tekno-Tuned VF Clubsport

Wild 600kW air-bagged Clubsport from QLD tuner Tekno

F1: The Turbo Era

We explain F1’s turbo metamorphosis – and relive the fear of the turbo glory days, when men were forged from iron and tamed 1044kW animals

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta blasts Tassie

Clinging to Australia like a moon, Tasmania is the nation’s hidden heaven for driving lovers. We just found out for ourselves – in a 545kW Ferra...

Opinion: Why I've always loved cars above other creations

A stretched Hummer, of all things, stokes the fire in Cockburn’s belly: we must dream big again

Bathurst Shootout: Holden SS vs V8 SC vs F1 car

Lowndesy punts a trio of chalk-and-cheese V8s around Mount Panorama. Quickly.