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Top Ten Ugly Cars - Jeep's bold bid for number one

Jeep has unveiled the latest version of its Cherokee SUV, and while Chrysler design chief, Ralph Gilles has defended it as strong and contempora...

Faster than a speeding KIA...

Known as 'The man of Steel', Superman has been transformed into 'Wheels of Steel" thanks to KIA's tribute version of its Optima Hybrid unveiled...

Dwarf cars are documentary stars!

Ernie Adams, 72, lives in Maricopa, in the heart of desert country, just south of Phoenix, Arizona, and builds incredibly detailed, road-legal,...

McLaren's 50-year film trilogy

A 26-year-old Bruce McLaren founded his new company, Bruce McLaren Motor Racing Ltd, in a small south London lock-up on September 2, 1963, and t...

MOTOR'S world without wheels

Paris based photographic artist Renaud Marion has created a series of computer render images, that literally pull the wheels out from under the...

MOTOR's TOP 10 Biggest Baddest Bling fails!

Pimped and blinged out automotive fashion victims are everywhere, and MOTOR mag is kicking off 2013 with a Top 10 list of cars it loves to hate.

Motoring icons pass in 2012

Some iconic figures in the motoring world left us in 2012, and as the year draws to a close MOTOR magazine pays tribute to them.

Coolest Concept Cars of 2012

The automotive dream factory has pumped out a stunning array of concept cars over the last 12 months, and MOTOR has selected its Top-25.

Porsche 911 - Fit, Fab and 50

The Porsche 911, one of the most recognisable and desirable shapes in the automotive world, turns 50 years young in 2013.

Heavenly metal in the City of Angels

The Los Angeles motorshow has been growing in stature over recent years, with the industry's biggest brands using it as a launching pad for thei...

Lamborghini's Big Five-O

Lamborghini, maker of some of the worlds's most spectacular sports cars, celebrates 50 years as a car maker in 2013, so join MOTOR magazine for...

HSV celebrates 25 years

Holden Special Vehicles is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a limited edition version of the performance flagship GTS.

Ferrari stampede at Silverstone

Ferrari is claiming a new world record for the largest ever gathering and parade of the famous Italian thoroughbred sportscar.


Ferrari is claiming a new world record for the largest ever gathering and parade of the famous Italian thoroughbred sportscar.


As previewed by MOTOR in its September 2012 issue, Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) has launched what it claims is the most 'hard-core' Falcon-ba...