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Opinion: Can the Stinger GT 'replace' our Aussie sedans?

Can the Kia Stinger GT really fill a Falcon or Commodore-sized hole in our hearts?

Opinion: Torque-converters are better than dual-clutch autos

Why my next auto will be a good old torque-converter unit, not some over-hyped, brittle, double-clutch

2013 Audi RS4 Avant vs 2017 Audi RS3 Sedan: new vs used

Audis for those who don’t want to forgo practicalities while kicking RS

Geek Speak: Alfa Romeo’s brake by wire

Computer-controlled brakes? Introducing brake by wire

Australia’s best HSV collection

Inside the secret man cave that houses HSV’s best

How to build a Bugatti Chiron

Only in a jaw-dropping facility can you build the world's most incredible car.

Opinion: Supercars should remain ‘the V8s’

Ford and GM nameplates are as much the future of Supercars as they were its inspiration

Evolution of the Porsche 911 GT2

The top-dog 911 through the ages

Opinion: Don’t put bumper stickers on your car

Bumper stickers are like the facial tattoos of the car world

Sweet Dream: Mazda MX-5 SP

Putting a rocket up Hiroshima’s roadster

Geek Speak: Carbon Chassis

Extremely light, extremely strong, extremely rigid.

Opinion: Losing Australian cars means making compromises

It’s the locals who lose out when the only cars they can buy are built for a global market

Performance Car Podcast: Porsche 911 Turbo

Discussing Porsche's benchmark everyday supercar

9 weird and wonderful interiors

These unforgettable cockpits were either oh-so-right, or oh-so-wrong

30 years of BMW M3: F80 30 Jahre

The F80 M3 is the fiery, temperamental child in an otherwise friendly, fun-loving family