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2017 Porsche Panamera Turbo: 10 Little Things

10 reasons why Porsche's new Panamera Turbo is not to be messed with at the lights. Or up a twisty road. Or in general...

EB Falcon S XR6: Fast Ford Falcons

Ford’s hot six-potter was a taste of things to come

XA Falcon GT Hardtop: Fast Ford Falcons

Race rule changes left XA in the GT-HO’s shadow

XE Fairmont ESP 5.8: Fast Ford Falcons

A muscle car for continental tastes

Ford Falcon: The Last Ride

Well, this is it. We saddle-up the fastest Falcon ever and revisit the holy sites in a supercharged final salute

Tickford T3 T-series: Fast Ford Falcons

Silk purse from a sow’s ear – or lipstick on a pig?

Top 10 fast Ford Falcons

For almost 50 years Ford has been making top-notch Falcon performance cars. And now we’ve ranked ’em, 10 to one.

2017 Porsche Panamera Turbo: the full story

An in-depth look at Porsche's new super limo

Sound Engineering: Geek Speak

Getting the right engine note is becoming big business

Range Rover Sport SVR drives Tassie

Is the 405kW Sport SVR the ultimate go anywhere performance car?

Chrysler 300 SRT long-term report four

What’s a watt got to do with it?

Meeting Ferrari's Flavio Manzoni

MOTOR sends a very qualified correspondent to grill Flavio Manzoni – the man responsible for how every new Ferrari looks

Audi's fuel-saving supercar: Geek Speak

How Audi is keeping its nat-atmo V10 off the emissions regulator's radar

2016 Holden Commodore SS-V Redline ute: long-term report 1

A MOTOR favourite lines up for the long-term test

Opinion: What will replace our Aussie muscle cars?

I would have thought the answer’s obvious