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Toyota Hilux TRD: Sweet dream

Road-going Dakar truck creates new market segment

Hyundai i20 WRC Passenger ride

Full-throttle through the forest in the ultimate hot hatch

Chrysler 300 SRT: can it scratch our rear-drive V8 itch?

Will the 300 SRT replace the locals in our hearts?

WRC 2016 season review

Every driver rated from 13 rounds of competition

Opinion: Truth and Politics of NT's Open Speed Limits

There probably are idiotic experts, like the people who keep funding Adam Sandler movies

Bugatti Chiron secrets revealed

Bugatti redefined road car speed with the Veyron, and now it's set to do it all over again

Opinion: Why Hyundai's New Hot Hatch Is To Be Taken Seriously

Hyundai’s new performance N Division asks only one thing – to be taken seriously

Ford Falcon XY GT-HO Phase III: what it's like to drive

Are the legends true?

XY GT-HO Phase III: Fast Ford Falcons

It’s the most lusted-after performance car ever built in Australia.

FG X XR8 Sprint: Fast Ford Falcons

Appropriately ballistic finale to the Aussie V8 Falcon era

BA XR6 Turbo: Fast Ford Falcons

The car that rewrote the fast-Falcon rulebook

XR Falcon GT: Fast Ford Falcons

Australian muscle cars got off to a golden start

SEMA 2016 Gallery: our top 12

Highlights from America’s premiere tuner event

9 Future Cult Cars

Machines that will have their own clubs in 10 years’ time – if not already

Opinion: The Brock Film's Biggest Untruths

Peter Brock’s legacy should be much more than a tawdry tale for the TV masses