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Ford FH Falcon: Sweet Dream

How the Aussie icon might have survived

Opinion: David Flint’s Falcon memories

Former FPV Managing Director looks back on his Falcon career

Falcon: the secret stillborn factory team

How a young American championed a Falcon revival

Ford Falcon in advertising

A look through decades of Falcon advertising

5 Greatest Ford Falcon Touring Cars

Ford proves that sometimes you can win hearts without winning the race

Archive: Ford FPV GT review

Is this the Ford that turns the HSV tide and writes a new chapter in fast car folklore?

Archive: Tickford TE50 vs HSV Clubsport R8

Can Tickford’s new TE50 move the game on against its arch-nemesis, the HSV Clubsport R8?

Ford Falcon in Motorsport

On and off for decades, if you wanted to win at the highest level of Australian touring cars you needed to drive a Ford Falcon - we relive why

Nissan R32 GT-R ATCC walkaround

Mark Skaife offers a history lesson on the mighty Godzilla

Archive: Tickford T3 TE50 review

MOTOR was the first to drive Ford's Great White Hope - the stroked TS50 - and we're here to tell you, it rips

Ford Falcon: Decade by Decade

We call a toast to seven generations of Ford’s fast Falcons

Archive: Morley builds 5.6-litre Windsor V8

Ah, the sounds of our new long term TE50. But they could have warned us about the Naked Mechanic..

Archive: Ford EL Falcon GT review

Forget the raw race specials of before: this is a grand tourer to own

Archive: Ford BA Falcon reveal

Pulling the wraps off Ford's 21st century Falcon

30 Years of BMW M3: E92 M3 ute

A German take on an Aussie performance favourite