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Hyundai Veloster Race Concept: Classic MOTOR

Hyundai knew it was ready for motorsport, it just didn’t know how to start.

NISMO GT-R R33 400R & GT-R R34 R-Tune review

Nismo’s on-road prowess started with these two all-paw beasts, the R33 400R and the R34 R-tune

2013 Porsche Cayman S v 1966 Carrera 6: Classic MOTOR

The Cayman may be Porsche’s 'new' wunderkid, but it’s got almost as much heritage as the 911

Holden's Pre-Commodore Heroes: Holden 48-215

Local manufacturing’s genesis sets a high bar

2002 BMW E46 M3: Legend Series

The BMW E46 M3 won our Performance Car of the Year title back in 2002 and it’s worthy of the 'legend' title

Opinion: Goodbye to the Aussie-made Commodore

It wasn’t this hard to farewell the Falcon. We almost can’t quite believe it

Geek Speak: Active aerodynamics

Active aerodynamics play a part in future supercars

Opinion: Let's remember the Commodore for its triumphs

Let’s remember the Commodore the way it should be – not how it went out, but how it lived tearing up the Mountain

Holden ZB Commodore: Performance Car Podcast

Chatting all things Commodore from behind the wheel of the new ZB Commodore

2017 Merc-AMG C63 S Coupe vs 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat: new vs used

Mighty Mopar makes C63 AMG seem a little underwhelming

Opinion: Will Ford return to the WRC?

Will the Blue Oval be M-Sport’s knight in shining armour?

Holden’s stillborn 350ci VB Commodore

The untold story of Holden’s secret plan for a powered-up Bathurst racer

Opinion: Online sellers are breeding dishonesty

“The net has spawned Super Trolls: Keyboard Warriors who are a more unpleasant hybrid than the first Prius”

2004-06 Pontiac GTO: Quick History Lesson

Another Aussie that tried its luck in Hollywood

Lamborghini Estoque concept car: Classic MOTOR

Lamborghini pulls a cat out of the bag, but is it wasting its time with a twin-turbo v8 four-door sedan?