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New vs Used - Ford Mustang GT vs 2007 Audi S5

Trans-Atlantic takes on the manual V8 coupe

Opinion: The Impending Indignity of Autonomous Cars

The minute they make something idiot-proof, somebody else comes up with a better idiot

Tesla Model S P90D vs Audi RS7 Performance

It's batteries versus boost in this battle of fast luxury four-doors

9 cracking concept cars

Motor show specials that deserved to make the jump to reality

Bugatti Veyron secrets revealed

Bugatti’s veyron re-writes the record books with 736kW and a 400km/h top end.

Ford Mustang Goodie Guide: $25K plus

522kW supercharger or crate engine? Serious upgrade options for your new Ford Mustang.

How Steer-By-Wire Works

Steering, the most intimate operation of a car, seems to be the next candidate for electric modulation

Why Honda Should Make a Jazz Type R

Honda’s baby hatch, branded with the red ‘H’

Opinion: Traffic Makes Me a Homicidal Maniac

Maybe I need to stop demonising traffic jams. In fact, maybe I need to find a way to make them… desirable

World Rally Championship 2017 Rules Explained: Geek Speak

Think current cars are fast? You ain't seen nothin' yet

Within a few years, the Supercars grid will be a very different place

Within a few years, the Supercars grid will be a very different place

People's Performance Car of 2016: Ford Falcon XR6 Sprint

Behold, the Falcon XR6 - most-loved performance car of 2016

MINI JCW Cabrio review

Al fresco driving fails to improve the flavour

Best Performance Car Newcomer of 2016: BMW M2

Some of the highs and lows of 2016

Skelta G-Force SC review

Pretty? You’re joking. Luxurious? Er, no. Quicker than a 911 GT2? You betcha…