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Top performance car investments part one: under $25K

We check out the most affordable five of our top 10 car investments

Fast Car History Lesson: Mercedes-Benz SL73 AMG

The 386kW V12 droptop you’ve never heard of

Interview: Mark Skaife on being a Holden man

Holden hero Mark Skaife opens up about the end of local manufacturing – and retells stories from the glory days

Interview: Five minutes with Tim Schenken OAM

MOTOR speaks with the only Australian to drive for a factory-backed Ferrari team

Walkinshaw predicts big future for new-look HSV

Ryan Walkinshaw talks to MOTOR about HSV's post Aussie Commodore future

1973 BMW 3.0 CSL: Legend Series

It devoured rivals on the world touring car circuit and is seen by many as the forerunner to BMW’s iconic M3

Interview with HDT and HSV hero John Harvey

In 1979 GM dropped a bombshell by killing its motorsport program worldwide, but that didn’t stop Holden

Four decades of Holden Commodore commercials

How Commodore sales were driven by marketing themes over 39 years

Holden's Pre-Commodore Heroes: Torana SS A9X

Australia’s first ‘supercar’ left a lasting mark

Holden's Pre-Commodore Heroes: HQ Monaro GTS 350

Chevy 350 power bows out in an Australian beauty

Vote in our Performance Car of the Year Readers’ Choice

It’s your turn to judge some of the newest, fastest metal available

Holden's Pre-Commodore Heroes: LJ Torana GTR XU-1

Last of the road racers puts ‘Peter Perfect’ on top

Holden's Pre-Commodore Heroes: HK Monaro GTS 327

Mighty two-door coupe a winner on and off track

Hyundai Veloster Race Concept: Classic MOTOR

Hyundai knew it was ready for motorsport, it just didn’t know how to start.

NISMO GT-R R33 400R & GT-R R34 R-Tune review

Nismo’s on-road prowess started with these two all-paw beasts, the R33 400R and the R34 R-tune