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Ford Falcon XY GT-HO Phase III: what it's like to drive

Are the legends true?

XY GT-HO Phase III: Fast Ford Falcons

It’s the most lusted-after performance car ever built in Australia.

FG X XR8 Sprint: Fast Ford Falcons

Appropriately ballistic finale to the Aussie V8 Falcon era

BA XR6 Turbo: Fast Ford Falcons

The car that rewrote the fast-Falcon rulebook

XR Falcon GT: Fast Ford Falcons

Australian muscle cars got off to a golden start

SEMA 2016 Gallery: our top 12

Highlights from America’s premiere tuner event

9 Future Cult Cars

Machines that will have their own clubs in 10 years’ time – if not already

Opinion: The Brock Film's Biggest Untruths

Peter Brock’s legacy should be much more than a tawdry tale for the TV masses

FG II GT: Fast Ford Falcons

FPV’s home-blown 5.0-litre V8 was a jaw-dropper

BF F6 Typhoon: Fast Ford Falcons

Turning up the boost helped this FPV blow the V8s away

2017 Porsche Panamera Turbo: 10 Little Things

10 reasons why Porsche's new Panamera Turbo is not to be messed with at the lights. Or up a twisty road. Or in general...

EB Falcon S XR6: Fast Ford Falcons

Ford’s hot six-potter was a taste of things to come

XA Falcon GT Hardtop: Fast Ford Falcons

Race rule changes left XA in the GT-HO’s shadow

XE Fairmont ESP 5.8: Fast Ford Falcons

A muscle car for continental tastes

Ford Falcon: The Last Ride

Well, this is it. We saddle-up the fastest Falcon ever and revisit the holy sites in a supercharged final salute