Ford Falcon

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Team Johnson seeks to enter Tru-Blu Falcon in TCM

An XD Falcon with Dick Johnson’s Tru-Blu livery might join Touring Car Masters if rules are changed

Performance Car Podcast: Ford Falcon XR8 Sprint Part 2

XR8 Sprint owner Norm joins the MOTOR crew to talk Falcon

1971 Ford Falcon XY GT-HO Phase III: Quick History Lesson

Built to dominate Bathurst and demoralise Holden, for many the Phase III remains the greatest Australian car ever built

Ford and Holden classics for Forza Motorsport 7

Classic Holden ute and Falcon destined for mega racing sim

Lloyds auctioning four Group C touring cars

Lloyds online auction packed full of Aussie racing history and memorabilia

Top 10 performance cars of the 2000s

2000-2009 turned out to be a cracker decade for performance cars

Opinion: Can the Stinger GT 'replace' our Aussie sedans?

Can the Kia Stinger GT really fill a Falcon or Commodore-sized hole in our hearts?

Opinion: Losing Australian cars means making compromises

It’s the locals who lose out when the only cars they can buy are built for a global market

9 weird and wonderful interiors

These unforgettable cockpits were either oh-so-right, or oh-so-wrong

Ford Falcon XR6 Sprint selling for $52K

Coffey Ford is bucking the trend of overpriced Sprints by selling one cheap

Opinion: Dishonest badges are taking us for a ride

If a car has a GT badge, does that automatically make it the sport version?

Three Bathurst legends to cross the auction block

Pristine XW GT-HO Phase II, HK GTS 327, and VH Charger R/T to go for big bucks at Shannons auction

Ford Falcon GT-HO Phase II sells for $500K

Australian muscle car records set as local manufacturing ends

Ford Falcon XR8 Sprint Pursuit Car for sale

A chance to own one-off Sprint Pursuit car, or what's left of it

Ex-MOTOR Tickford TE50 T3 for sale

Here’s one we prepared (and drove) earlier