Flying car in time for Christmas!

A UK-based product and robotics specialist is developing a radical driving and flying quad-copter toy, set to be in production just in time for Christmas this year.

Witold Mielniczek, a product design and robotics graduate in Southampton, England has created the ‘B’, featuring large (220mm) flex-drive wheels, each driven by electric PDU’s (Propelling Driving Unit).

Although it’s able to cover rough terrain at high speed, if the going gets to tough, the ‘B’ can take off on the run and fly over obstacles. It also features an HD camera in the nose to record adventures.

Pitching for funds through KICKSTARTER, Mielniczek says the polycarbonate ‘B’ could be produced in full-scale as a race or rescue vehicle, and intends to give the next evolution of the toy the ability to drive up walls, interact with a smartphone app, and land and take off on water.

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