VIDEO: Porsche Cayman GTS gets sideways on go-kart track

The ultimate fang: a compact mid-engined sports car and an empty go-kart track? Well, sort of. The concept sounds better than it looks.

Using a Cayman GTS, Porsche unleashed a factory driver on an indoor go-kart track "somewhere" in Northern Italy. And despite some crafty work with opposite lock, the result is some slow driving.

The Cayman GTS is one of the sweetest handling cars in existence, but we suspect the fastest thing on a go-kart circuit would be... a go-kart. The Cayman GTS's 250kW and 380Nm need a lot more room to gallop; you're in Northern Italy, come on Porsche, why not oversteer it around Monza?

Watch and tell us what you think, naff advertising or pulse-raising stuff?

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