Ferrari 458 Speciale convertible released

Ferrari’s taken its most hardcore current model, the 458 Speciale, and done away with its roof. Released at this year’s Paris Motor Show, the 458 Speciale A – as in “aperta” or ‘open’ – is a celebration of its most successful eight-cylinder model and will be available as a limited run of 499.

Expect the same 458 Speciale experience, albeit in the open air, as the 458 Speciale A uses the coupe version’s 445kW and 540Nm 4.5-litre V8 powerplant. And while the roof’s folding capabilities have loaded 50kg to the car’s kerb figure, the 458 A is reported by Ferrari to be only a tenth slower to 100km/h and no slower around Ferrari’s private Fiorano circuit. A more impressive figure of speed, though, may be the aluminium roof’s ability to shell or unshell in just 14 seconds.

What really sets the A apart from a 458 Speciale, or Spider (a name which is abandoned this time round), is its unique colour treatment. Released in ‘unique triple-layer yellow livery’ the convertible also features an opposite arrangement of the regular Speciale’s body stripe, this time white is bordered by blue. The stripe now completely paints the rear spoiler vane and the blue matches with the rear diffuser and bumper inserts, the side skirt winglets, the brake calipers and front dam insert.

But from here it almost gets silly, at least in concept, as the blue extends to the cockpit’s carbon bits too. Ferrari developed its interior carbon bits (which are virtually everywhere in the cabin) with a dark blue hue, similar to its exterior body parts. We won’t pass judgement on whether it’ll look cool or not until we see it in the metal.

Other features include seats that will have matching yellow inserts and be finished with Alcantara. The car also features Grigio Corse finished five-spoke wheels that feature forks spaced more apart than the 458 Speciale’s, but manage to look very similar.

Release dates and pricing are not yet known, however, we’re sure it’ll be a sizeable ask for one of the last 458 models we’ll see before Ferrari releases its turbocharged successor.

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