Ford Falcon XR8 prices and details

Ford FG X Falcon XR8 pricing

More details of the new Falcon XR8 have dribbled out of Fortress Ford this week, including pricing for the last of the V8s.

Having disappeared from price-lists just on three years ago, the XR8 badge is back, and promises a new wave of speculators keen to buy now and cash in soon on what will be a landmark car. 

he tragedy there is that the XR8 deserves to be driven, not locked up in a collection somewhere; a fate that has befallen the bulk of the FPV GT-F launched earlier this year and a model that is already changing hands for multipletimes its sticker price.

But why is the XR8 so good? Because it gets the Australian-developed Miami version of the Coyote five-litre, complete with supercharger and 335kW (the same output as the most recent FPV GT and GT-P). And that, folks, will make it the fastest non-FPV Falcon ever made here. Oh, and the last.

The good news is that the new XR8 will get not only the full-monty 335kW/570Nm engine output, but also all the suspension goodness of the R-Spec FPV of a couple of years ago. 

That means stiffer springs, re-valved dampers, a thicker rear sway-bar and stiffer bushes and mountings, and 275mm rear hoops on a 19 x 9.0-inch rim and geometry tweaks to suit.

Brakes are now four-pot Brembos at the front while the rear stays a single potter, albeit with a Brembo logo cast into it. Throw in a larger capacity cooling fan, and a heavy-duty battery to crank the blown mill and you’ve got yourself the last of the XR8s. And, like we said, very likely a very collectible car.

The interesting thing to watch now will be whether the speculators out there start ordering XR8s with a view to off-loading them for a profit even before the car has been delivered (or even built, in some cases). 

We hope not, because at $52,490 with a clutch pedal and $54,690 with the six-speed auto, the last XR8 continues the value-for-money theme that the XR franchise has always promised.

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