Mercedes F1 title costs $595m

Mercedes wrapped up its first F1 constructors’ title at last weekend’s Russian GP thanks to Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg securing the team’s 11th 1-2 of the season, however securing that title has cost an incredible A$595 million, internal documents have revealed.

The figures, reported by UK paper The Independent, show that Mercedes lifted spending by 17 per cent this year, with the majority of the increase being accounted for by the complex new 1.6-litre turbocharged engines. Engine spending increased to A$245 million, tripling the team’s engine costs compared to three years ago.

Another A$46 million lines the pockets of Hamilton and Rosberg, as we reported earlier this year, which leaves $304 million for developing the remainder of the car and operational expenses.

While there’s no doubt this year’s figure is bloated by the need to develop the complicated new hybrid powertrains from scratch, F1’s shrinking audience and the difficult of securing sponsorship has led to renewed talks about controlling costs.

However, as Mercedes’s 2014 efforts prove, the top teams will always spend whatever they need to to ensure championship success.

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