Paris Motor Show: Audi TT Sportback

The German manufacturers' race to fill every possible niche shows no sign of reaching the chequered flag.

Audi's offering at Paris is the utterly bizarre TT Sportback. Yes, a five-door version of Audi's stylish new coupe.

It's possibly the ultimate expression of the coupe-cum-sedan concept everybody seems so fond of now – Mercedes-Benz CLA and CLAS, BMW 4- and 6-Series Gran Coupe etc. – but appears somewhat redundant given Audi already offers such a car in the form of the A5 Sportback. Or A7 Sportback if you need something a bit bigger.

Of more interest to us is the 294kW/450Nm 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder under the bonnet. This engine has already appeared in a couple of different guises, firstly in 309kW form in the Audi TT Ultra concept and then in the VW Golf R400 concept, which is expected to make production shortly.

However, with the forthcoming TT RS and RS3 expected to retain an updated version the 2.5-litre turbo five used currently, it's currently unclear where in the Audi lineup this highly strung four-cylinder will make an appearance.

Let's hope it's not in the rather silly TT Sportback.

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