Ford increases XR8 production

Ford Falcon XR8

Ford has increased production of its XR8 sedan, following higher than expected customer demand.

Initially, just 1200 vehicles were scheduled to be built, but as customers clamour to purchase the last locally-produced V8 Ford, the Blue Oval has lifted that number to 2800 vehicles.

As well as guaranteed future classic status, it appears local buyers can't go past the combination of a 335kW/570Nm 5.0-litre supercharged V8 for just $52,490 in manual form.

“We’re very proud of the work that’s gone into the XR8,” said Ford's General Manager of Marketing, David Katic. “It’s an important halo to the FG X  Falcon range and we wanted to deliver the ultimate handling performance machine  for customers and they clearly love it.

“We have been buoyed by the amazing customer interest and demand for the XR8. It’s been a  runaway success and our dealers have been asking for more."

The increase in demand for the XR8 is a rare good news story for Ford's embattled local operation, with Falcon sales struggling and conjecture as to whether the factory will remain open until the October 2016 cut-off date.

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  • yeah let's have more of these... When...??? Yet the company can barely supply regular XR's and Falcon variants! Another example of poor management! Demand isn't huge but people who want the product but can't order it within reasonable time frames and dealers can't get the right build allocations!