Rumourmill: Porsche planning more RS models, hybrid 911s

More RS variants, hybrid 911s and turbocharged Carreras are all on the cards for Porsche.

Porsche brass were forced to dodge a barrage of media inquiry during the launch of its GT3 RS and GT4 halo cars at the Geneva motor show, flaming speculation for widespread changes in the marque’s future line-up.

Despite refusing to be drawn into exactly which non-911 models will be treated to the RS transformation, global boss Mathias Mueller has stated that it “will be a surprise,” according to Drive.

That the just unveiled Cayman GT4 will inevitably be followed by an RS version is hardly surprising, suggesting models elsewhere in the range – or perhaps a new model range – will benefit from top-tier, hard-core enhancement.

Indeed, Porsche’s global sales success together with ever-tightening ‘green’ legislation allows new opportunities for RS-variants to happen in the huge shake-up the 911 range, in particular, is widely touted to undergo shortly.

It seems more that the positive reception to Porsche’s 918 – rather than the grounding established with Panamera and Cayenne hybrids – has strengthened the company’s attitude towards adopting hybrid technologies for its 911 sportscar figurehead.

“We will do it,” admitted Porsche head of R&D, Wolf Hatz. “In four to five years time.”

“We would be stupid for the next generation of our sports cars not to do it with [hybrid technology].”

It’s been strong-mooted, though yet unconfirmed officially, that the 991.2 update arriving later this year will offer turbocharged 3.0-litre flat sixes in Carrera and Carrera S variants. 

As much as the move will belt the beehive of 911 purists, such a seachange in engine application will undoubted soften the transition to a future offering of 911 petrol-electric hybrid models.

And while Porsche seems steadfast in committing its GT3 breed to petrol natural aspiration, it’s feasible, if not logical, that an electric-boosted hyper-911 in the vein of the GT2 might surface in the not-too-distant future.

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