Holden Monaro HRT 427 for sale

HRT Monaro 427

Chances are this car will need no introduction.

Most of you will be familiar with the story of the stillborn Holden Monaro HRT 427, but for those new to the game, it was basically a Monaro given the Porsche GT3 treatment, and then some.

Holden Monaro HRT 427 rearOut went the standard 5.7-litre LS1 V8, in went a 7.0-litre lump based on the engine in the Corvette C5R race car. Word is it would've made around 375kW/650Nm in street trim, backed by a close-ration T56 six-speed manual.

Holden Monaro HRT 427 engineKerb weight dropped by 100kg thanks to a bare basics interior, and under the skin there was plenty of sexy race car engineering.

Holden Monaro HRT 427 seatsCustom engineered A-arms replaced the stock car's MacPherson strut front end, and lightweight OZ Racing wheels covered monster AP Racing brakes.

Holden Monaro HRT 427 wheelIt was all high-dollar stuff, and that was kind of the problem. In the end Holden would've needed to charge huge money (circa $300K) for it and the accountants got cold feet.

Holden Monaro HRT 427 fuel tankTwo examples remain today, the show car that lives in the gift shop in Holden's Port Melbourne HQ and this, the only private example.

Holden Monaro HRT 427 interiorED0001 is famously the car that was offered for almost a million dollars by a Queensland collector a few years back.

Holden Monaro HRT 427 id platesIt's popped up in a variety of locations since, and now Melbourne's Dutton Garage is hoping to find it a new home, though it's ominously priced as $POA.

Holden Monaro HRT 427 badgeIt would be the centrepiece of any Aussie collection, we just hope the new owner stretches its legs occasionally.

You can find the ad here.

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  • Close-ratio. Need a sub?
  • I can fully appreciate this car as a collectible for a number of (obvious?) reasons. The guy who currently owns it was brave enough to take a punt and I hope it works out OK for him selling it now. Me? I don't think I'd buy it (assuming I have the asking price, whatever it is - surely over $500K?). It is a good chunk of Aussie history and rarity (not quite with GTHO or GTS 327 Monaro pedigree). . In the cold light of day though, looking at the car closely, it does appear to be an old, basic thing that would be 'questionable' to use as even a weekend enjoyment mobile on the road. Hard racing seats, no room in the back for mates/family. Really a track car. No, I'd much more happily buy a VF HSV GTS, perhaps with one of the beautifully well-sorted Walky upgrade kits. GTS is a car with better performance, pedigree, practicality and arguably pedigree (well, it is the most powerful production car ever sold en-masse to Australians). . Don't start me on the FPV GT-F. Lovely car but put it next to a GTS on the drag strip and the 351 badge, with over-boost, doesn't help much at all. Yep, VF GTS would be the keeper past 2017. HRT427 as a 1 off curio is lovely but there's only one and as a collectible AND a daily drive nothing beats a VF GTS. OK, now let the fire pelt down on me . . . .