560kW Shelby GT500 coming to Australia

Shelby GT500

Released overnight in the US, the Shelby Mustang Super Snake delivers over 560kW of power from its supercharged 5.0-litre V8 engine.

That’s well up on the 468kW and 522kW supercharger kits previously released and far beyond the 331kW of the standard ‘Stang.

Mustang Motorsport will officially import the Shelby Super Snake package to our country, which will add around $90,000 (exact price TBC) to the $55,000 standard V8 version purchased from your Ford dealership.

560kW Shelby GT500

In addition to the most powerful supercharger package, other inclusions are differential and transmission cooling, an adjustable rear control arm, camber/castor plates, racing seats, 6-piston front brakes, a Borla exhaust with Shelby tips and 20-inch Weld Racing wheels with Michelin tyres.

Outside, it’s as you see in the photos; the Super Snake styling package includes racing stripes and bulging carbon fibre bonnet, splitter, rocker panels, diffuser, spoiler and mirror covers.

560kW Shelby GT500

Inside there’s a short-throw shifter kit (though you can also get the whole kit with an auto), tri-gauge pod, Super Snake branded headrest covers and Shelby labelled floor mats and sill plates.

You’ll get a proper certificate of authenticity and Shelby serial number in Oz, too, marking the car as more than just a Mustang GT bolt-on kit.

560kW Shelby GT500

It does, however, place the Super Snake up there with the BMW M3 on price, though well beyond the 430kW HSV GTS on grunt – but perhaps it’s cooler and more bespoke than both.

If that is a bit rich for your blood, Mustang Motorsport has also announced prices for the supercharger kits producing 468kW (BYO plus $14,000) and 522kW (another $2000).

560kW Shelby GT500

You can run those kits separately or together with a Roush styling package (BYO plus $14,153) that includes 20s, front fascia kit, spoiler and other exterior enhancements.

The Shelby GT kit is one step above the Roush but one below the Shelby Super Snake. Turning your Mustang GT into a Shelby GT will cost a still-hefty amount (BYO plus $46,990) and that’s without either supercharger option.

560kW Shelby GT500

For that price you also get full Shelby branded exterior and interior parts that are identical to those officially sold in the US, in addition to a handling package, cold air intake, exhaust with tips, forged alloy wheels and a short-throw shifter kit.

All the parts are official, and make your Mustang GT official, as you will get an official Shelby serial number.

Add the blower to the Shelby GT kit, and an approximate pricetag of $115,000 for the 468kW version places it in the ballpark of the 430kW HSV GTS. Game on…

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  • NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO they have ruined the whole shelby scene! leave these cars for the americans! its what makes them special. now every idiot would want one. ruined dreams
  • @AusGT - So simple! Buy, Add exchange rate, Profit! So 45k USD, add approx 3k USD for freight (maybe more depending on insurance cover), add approx 25% to convert to AUD, we have 60 aud. Now add GST and 5% import duties, we have $69k AUD. Now fit it to the car, to do this you need to have your technicians trained by Shelby in the US. You need a workshop. Hoists. Tools. Electricity comes in handy too. Templates for where stickers and badges go, engineering for the vehicle needs to carried out after swapping things like seats, adding the supercharger etc. They still haven't paid Shelby to use their name, which they would need to do to be able to put a Shelby build number on the Australian package. Say they make $15k profit from this, they then lose 30% minimum corporate tax on this, meaning net profit of around 10%. Which on a product that you won't be selling hundreds of is pretty poor by comparison. Good to see you have an in-depth view of how to run a business there.
  • Mustang Motorsport are just ripping the Aus public blind. The supersnake package is $45K USD ($60-$65K AUD). The price in the US also includes profit, so assuming that Mustang Motorsport obtain the package at a trade price they aim to make over $50K profit per car, talk about robbing australians blind