Holden VF II SS confirmed as last Commodore V8

Holden VF II SS last Commodore V8

Reports from the Frankfurt Motor Show reveal Holden’s VF II Commodore SS will be the last Holden V8 sedan for Australia.

During the international event Stefan Jacoby, General Motors’ executive vice president, confirmed to Australian media the V8 era is over.

“I know they are charming and I like the sound of the V8 but times are changing. The technology is changing with more or less the same performance. The acceptance is changing, even in America,” the GM boss told News.com.au. “The V8 period is coming to an end.”

He hinted the next generation Commodore would come from Germany, pointing squarely at the next-generation Opel Insignia. The current generation Insignia is sold here with a twin-turbo V6 and all-wheel drive.  

Holden VF II SS engine“It is just more or less a perception from the customer they need a big engine and big horsepower to have the performance,” Mr Jacoby also said.  

But even with the increased focus on downsizing from manufacturers, the V8 engine’s popularity in Australia remains rock solid with models like the Commodore, and also the incoming Ford Mustang.

When asked whether Chevrolet would further develop the Commodore for its own market (the US firm currently sells an LS3-powered VF Series I Commodore SS Redline as its ‘SS’) he said: “That [Chevrolet SS] phases out when we see manufacturing end in Australia.”

Holden VF II SS burnoutWhile a departure from the Commodore’s four-door formula, Chevrolet’s 2016 Camaro was once an odds-on favourite to fulfil our appetite for V8 rear-drive performance once Holden's Elizabeth manufacturing plant closes down in 2017.

However the newly developed Mustang-rival has been judged too expensive to develop for right-hand drive.

It is expected GM will eventually import Corvette to Australia instead, with a price tag for a V8 coupe from the sports car manufacturer poised to reach over $100K. 

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  • Somebody is smoking crack :-) 1) You will never get the Corvette imported by GM, HSV perhaps in small numbers if you are EXTREMELY lucky. 2) The "old" Camaro shared the Zeta platform with the VE Commodore, and that is as far as it went, no tooling was ever done for rhd. 3) The new Camaro is a completely different flatform, still designed to accept rhd but "NO" tooling has been done to produce the car in rhd. 4) australia quite simply does not deserve consideration, plain and simple!
  • Hahahaha Nobody wants your australian Commodore and nobody cares if you are denied the replacement cars that you would like. In short, NOBODY cares about you australia!!! Reality has finally hit down under :-)
  • Just a little correction boys the corvette will hit our shores earlier rather than later, the price will be sub $100k it will be base but trust me a base vett will over power any mustang styling the ovel will produce, And when it comes to the camaro wrong again boys the right hand drive tooling is already half way there as the camaro is already VE drive and steering line based, thanks to the conversion specialists down under spreading the oh it's two expensive for GM to tool up, what a load of bees wax. Danny g