Tokyo Motor Show: Honda NSX power revealed

Honda NSX

The new Honda NSX will beat a BMW i8 but get smoked by a Ferrari 488, if the newly-released specs are anything to go by.

Honda has finally confirmed numbers for its long-awaited hybrid supercar, which makes 427kW, 646Nm and weighs 1725kg.

The dry-sump 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6, revving to (in not the greatest news for VTEC fans) 7500rpm and with a highish-for-a-turbo-car 10:1 compression ratio, accounts for 375kW and 500Nm of that. The rest comes from a rear-mounted electric motor and two smaller electric motors on the front axle.

Honda -NSX-rearHonda’s not claiming any 0-100km/h times as yet, but a launch control program suggests they're serious about dipping deep into three-second territory, helped also by a nine-speed dual-clutch auto.

The NSX will offer drives four modes - Sport, Sport Plus, Track, and an EV mode for all-electric cruising over short distances, although the exact electric-only range hasn’t been released.

Honda -NSX-interiorThe new NSX - which was supposed to get a V10 when it was first revealed in concept form in 2007 - is expected to arrive in Australia late next year with a pricetag somewhere around $250,000.

MOTOR’s had a short drive ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show - read our review in an upcoming issue.

Full specs download is available on the Honda website.

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