Ferrari sharpens California T

Ferrari California T Handing Speciale

Ferrari has injected an extra dose of athleticism into its California T with the introduction of a new 'Handling Speciale' pack aimed at sharpening the front-engined GT's handling.

Following its tradition of introducing mid-life handling upgrades - the 575, 599 and 612 were also 'sportified' during their life cycles - the HS option is aimed at buyers who are happy to trade a little comfort in return for some extra cornering speed.

The SCM3 magnetoheorological dampers are claimed to respond faster, while stiffer springs (16 per cent front; 19 per cent rear) increase body control.

Ferrari -California -T-Handling -Speciale -rearIn addition, gearchanges in Sport have been quickened, the F1-Trac stability control system is claimed to deliver better acceleration and a new exhaust system gives the unchanged 412kW/755Nm 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 a louder, sportier note.

Should the changes deliver what they promise, they should rectify the California's few shortcomings - specifically, a slight lack of body control on bumpy roads, far too restrictive ESP and the muffled engine note courtesy of those turbochargers.

The Handling Speciale option adds $15,750 to the California T's Australian MSRP of $409,888 and the first deliveries will arrive in Q3 2016. 


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