Ford Falcon Sprint revealed

Ford Falcon Sprint

After months of rumour and scuttlebutt, we can finally confirm the Ford Falcon XR Sprint is real and we have all the details.

Ford revealed in December that two Sprint models would be offered, based on both the XR6 Turbo and XR8, however the exact mechanical specification has been a secret. Until now.

The XR6 Sprint turns the wick up on the XR6 Turbo’s 4.0-litre inline six to produce 325kW/576Nm, making it the torquiest engine ever produced in Australia, a title it holds by the slimmest of margins over the 345kW/575Nm XR8 Sprint.

Ford -Falcon -XR8-engineFord admits, however, that both engines feature a ‘transient overboost’ function that increases power and torque for up to 10 seconds in the right circumstances. While this function has been public knowledge for a while, this is the first time Ford has offered official overboost figures.

Ford claims that with the right intake air temperature, the XR6 Sprint can produce up to 370kW/650Nm, while the XR8’s 5.0-litre supercharged V8 lifts to 400kW/650Nm.

In the right conditions, we expect both Sprint models to manage the 0-100km/h sprint in around 4.6sec and complete the quarter mile in around 12.6sec.

Rounding out the mechanical package is the suspension tune and wheel and tyre combination from the current XR8, however both models benefit from what was previously the FPV Premium brake option, comprising six-piston front and four-piston rear brake calipers.

Ford -Falcon -Sprint -frontAustralian Sprint production will be limited to 1400 units – 550 XR6 Sprints and 850 XR8s – with a further 150 cars going to New Zealand made up of 50 XR6s and 100 XR8s.

Available as a six-speed automatic only, the XR6 Sprint costs $54,990 while a manual XR8 Sprint will set you back $59,990 and the auto a further $2200.

To differentiate them visually from the regular XR variants, the Sprint models receive 19-inch black wheels, gold brake calipers, black headlamp bezels, a new black rear spoiler and new front foglamp surrounds, while the XR8 Sprint adds a black roof and wing mirrors.

Six colours will be offered, Winter White, Smoke, Aero Blue, Silhouette, Kinetic and Victory Gold, though any colour other than white will cost an extra $500.

The XR Sprint launch takes place in mid March and we'll have more details in the April issue of MOTOR.

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  • i would buy one of these and drive it for a year and then sell it....before the thing breaks down..... FYI in 3 years i have: Blown 2 Turbos Blown Two Power Steering pumps Buggered something in the driveshaft (Sorry not mechanically minded but the car could bearly drive) Countless bushes been replaced Massive issues with Oil...blows thru in 2 weeks Car runs out of fuel with 100km still on the range Split the turbo piping twice..... and more....just getting sick of listing it out....
  • Ford inline 6 and V8 power....
  • I am a FG XR6T owner....I don't think the falcon could handle more grunt....I tuned mine to 301RWKW and it's shitted acts like a car with an extreme hangover....groans and creaks under hardly any load.....**** build quality all the way............just waiting for delivery of my new FOCUS RS....
  • @Guest1 also the for isn't a trumped up POS with massive driveline losses
  • Please, please please tell me those horrid black wheels are optional. Rest of the car rocks!!
  • People forget that the barra is Australian and the commodore has run american motors for years. Folks need to put the brand aside and accept that this engine will go down in history as one of the best engines ever built. Should be proud
  • @Holden "Torquiest engine built in Australia" not torquiest car. The LSA is an American engine
  • @Holden yeah, nice try champ. It's says "torquiest engine" not car.
  • @Holden, is that an Australian engine in the HSV GTS??
  • "Torquiest car ever produced in Australia"???? Forgetting the HSV GTS?