Ford Mustang arrives as highway patrol car

Ford Mustang arrives as highway patrol car

Prepare to see a Ford Mustang highway patrol vehicle in your rear-view mirror as the NSW Police is set to unleash the Pony car for duty this year.

Following a leaked photo of a Mustang coupe wearing highway patrol livery leaked on Facebook (above), a NSW Police spokesperson has now confirmed that the vehicle is being prepared for usage.

“It’s not operational as yet [and] it won’t be a police car for some time yet,” a police spokesperson told MOTOR.

“Not unlike any other car we’re going through an evaluation phase with all of them really, so that’s primarily what it is, there’s still a bit of work to go,” he added.

The Mustang was captured at the NSW Police Traffic and Highway Patrol Command centre in Huntingwood, 40km west of the Sydney CBD.

Ford mustang drivingA tender was handed to several vehicle manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Subaru, Volkswagen and Volvo in December last year in a bid to find highway patrol vehicle replacements for the Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore. Feedback from industry closed in late January.

The Falcon will cease production on October 7 this year, with local manufacturing of Commodore to finish around one year following.

The Mustang coupe was initially thought to have been ruled out because it lacks four-doors, but we understand this is not a make-or-break issue for a highway patrol vehicle and it appears this Pony may soon gallop along motorways after all.

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  • Looks good, shame they failed the test for NSWHP. (No full size spare or room for Police Electronics package in boot), Same reason you don't see them used in the USA. Still might see them used in another state. PS: Won't see Camry's (Brakes/Gearboxes can't cope) or anything from Europe (see Mustang reason), NSWHP given permission by Government to look elsewhere, so far Dodge Charger Police Package best bet, ticks all boxes.
  • Madness! What's wrong with the Falcon Sprint or even the Holden Caprice Police version specially built for the USA? Why not spend our dollars on our own manufacturers capability rather than throw mud in its face as it ceases production?
  • @mac Seeing the hard working HWP officers have to constantly deal with motorists who for some reason have an inferiority complex & feel persucuted & hard done by when given a ticket for clearly being a goose behind the wheel, I say, give them any small perk that you can. It'd be a hard job dealing with idiots all the time & not being able to say or do what they'd really like to say or do due to the constant video recording & fear of a vexatious complaint without the aid of video. Give then anything they want, and they might stay in a thankless job for a bit longer & probably save the life of a gormless idiot or two along the way.
  • @Simmo .Im not for a moment saying that our income taxes fund them . Why even suggest it ? . Of course its the state taxes which pay for law enforcement !! , and this as we know is paid by us , so quibbling over the type of tax is just complicating the issue . Where ever did I suggest its our income tax that pays for this ?????????? . I am however a ford guy and the mustang shouldn't be used as ego weapon against genuine enthusiasts . You cant either say the police are technically self employed because the very small proportion in tax they pay compared to everyone else will not at all go far .Although they have a role to play ,and its equally as important as many other occupations in society , they are there serving themselves as well as the public .
  • @Mick. If you are referring to the fact we pay tax from our incomes, sadly your understanding of our tax system is floored. Income tax is a federal tax and police are paid for by the states, so your tax you pay doesn't actually go to them. The GST you pay and other forms of tax are state taxes but I'm guessing the police also pay these taxes which would mean they are technically self employed. How about just let them get the vehicle that is best suited to the job be it a Ford Mustang or VW beetle.
  • Should we as taxpayers really be providing play toys for those who like to think of themselves as superior to the rest of us ? . They , as employees of us , should make do with less exotic models . After all they will have radios to alert other cops ahead on the road . If this brings their egos back a notch or two , so what .!
  • traitors