Ford XY Falcon GT-HO Phase III for sale

Ford XY Falcon GT-HO Phase III

It's not every day an example of Australia's most revered muscle car, the Ford XY Falcon GT-HO Phase III, pops up for sale.

However, it's always an interesting barometer of the Australian muscle car market when one does, as it tends to set the ceiling for what collectors are prepared to pay for an Aussie classic - with a few exceptions such as the HRT 427 Monaro.

Ford -XY-Falcon -GT-HO-Phase -III-rearDuring the pre-GFC muscle car boom, GT-HO Phase IIIs were offered at anything up to $750,000 (there were rumours of one or two at $1million), but after that the world economy went into meltdown and prices contracted accordingly, with around $400K now seemingly the going rate for Phase III ownership. 

Ford supposedly built 300 Phase IIIs and the example offered by NSW dealer Muscle Car Stables is one of 23 built in Monza Green; trainspotters will be keen to know the rarest colours were Onyx Black and Vintage Burgundy metallic with a single example each.

Ford -XY-Falcon -GT-HO-Phase -III-engineUnder the bonnet is what made the Phase III famous, the 224kW/515Nm (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) 5.8-litre Cleveland V8 that powered it to 60mph (97km/h) in 6.4sec, past 100mph in 15.2sec (quarter mile 14.2sec) and on to 141.5mph, famously captured in sister mag Wheels' 'HO down the Hume' story.

According to Muscle Car Stables, this HO was originally purchased by the late Bib Stillwell, a Melbourne racing driver and car and aviation dealer, and shows 88,000 miles.

Ford -XY-Falcon -GT-HO-Phase -III-interiorIt underwent a nut-and-bolt restoration in the late 1980s and was then mothballed for the next 20 years before the current owner returned it to service. 

For more information on the car's spec and history check out the ad here.

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  • Glad to see these old classics kept for the sake of posterity. My concern is that the guys that are collecting these cars and paying the high prices might be pretty much baby boomers who watched Brock, Moffat and others driving these cars around Bathurst. Do these cars mean as much to Gen X and Gen Y? If not, I wonder if they will remain as collectable?
  • @Moffy what about 0_100 and 400m. They didn't come close. No just to speed.
  • Yes Otto, the "Fastest 4 Door car in the World" has always been a joke to all but Ford fans in Australia. They reference a photo of a stock speedo...which were notoriously inaccurate in the 70s...up to 10% Over the actual speed.....which showed 140mph. But lets not get facts in the way...Yes Mazza. Also the 1972 4 door Jaguar XJ12 did 140mph, the Dodge and Plymouth Police 440 Pursuit cars did an actually, Real 143 mph in Real testing, in 1969...yes 4 door police cars, and they made 1000's of them not a couple of 100 like Phase 3s. Yes there were plenty of cars faster than the old Falcon back then....I think the Ford fans looked at the temp gauge instead of the speedo. I even had one bright spark tell me the Phase 3s did 160mph standard......sad really but anyway, ignorance is bliss.
  • Maserati Quattroporte, in the 70's....168MPH Yeap, fastest 4-door-sedan
  • cor blimey what a ford,will he get what he wants ?