VIDEO: Aston Martin DB11 exhaust noise revealed

VIDEO: Aston Martin DB11 exhaust noise revealed

It was obvious when Aston Martin’s DB11 debuted at the Geneva Motor Show it nailed a huge requirement for the DB legend – to look stupendously gorgeous.

But it was harder to determine if the exhaust note that helped define its predecessor, the DB9, was lost during the DB11’s move to turbocharging.

Luckily a bunch of videos released since the premiere, including a video we found of the DB11 development testing in snowy Finland, will help you decide for yourself.

Aston Martin developed an all-new V12 unit for the DB11. With polar bears in mind, it dropped engine capacity from the DB9’s 6.0-litres to a smaller 5.2 and added two turbochargers in the process.

With that, the new DB11 develops a fearsome 447kW and 700Nm.

Naturally turbochargers have a knack for muddying a beautiful exhaust note. However, we think the V12’s managed to get away with this one.

Anyways, enough talking, have a watch and let us know your thoughts. 


(Video via Aston Martin)

 (Video via Jalopnik)

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