Ford Mustang 2017 model year update announced

Ford Mustang 2017 model year update announced

Ford’s racing to keep up with Australia’s overwhelming appetite for its brand new Mustang.

Being the first made-for-Oz Pony car offered here, local interest has exploded and today’s waiting list stretches long as 6000 people – significantly more than the 1000 orders Ford expected when the car was first announced.

It won’t be able to clear that order book anytime soon, but Ford announced it has snaffled an extra 2000 Mustangs to meet burgeoning demand.

2017 Ford Mustang rearThe extra Mustangs are poised to land third quarter this year, soon after production in Michigan switches to 2017 model year specification in June. Ford hasn’t yet determined how many of the extra 2000 Mustangs will be 2017MY, with that to be fine-tuned.

No mechanical changes are planned as part of the 2017MY update. However, the new Mustangs will receive Ford’s latest infotainment technology called SYNC 3.

This introduces a host of new features on top of Ford’s SYNC 2, which is currently found in models like the FG X Ford Falcon, such as Apple Carplay (which lets you do things like synchronise Siri and navigation commands from your phone), Android Auto and Ford Applink 3.0. It also crucially updates to a smartphone-style user interface for increased ease of use.

Apple car playThere’ll also be three new colours offered with the update. Lightning Blue, Grabber Blue (similar in brightness to Subaru’s Hyper Blue) and White Platinum Tri-Coat will replace the current Deep Impact Blue, Competition Orange, and Guard hues offered on 2016MY models.

EcoBoost models, which make up 40 per cent of convertible Mustang sales, will also come with a spare wheel, while Mustang GT customers will miss out on the spare tube due to the car’s large front Brembo brakes.

Ford has also confirmed prices across the Mustang range will not change when the 2017MY models arrive this third quarter. 

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  • if you ordered a deep impact blue in june 2016 will they still fullfill the order in 2017 new colour range.?????
  • @PAH So the switch to IRS in the new gen Mustang doesn't focus on dynamics? It is a new year model in the early part of the model cycle, so mechanical changes at this stage are limited if done at all. The 2017 is limited to Sync 3 and new colours in a car that isn't even 2 years old - big deal
  • @Confuse I've read on a Mustang forum some Australian buyers getting a custom spec alloy wheel from Simmons to suit as a space saver for the GT. It is a narrow wheel and tyre, but wheels like Simmons can be configured as they are available in 3 pieces for different rims and offsets. Probably won't be much cheaper than the factory option (for the Ecoboost models), but it will work
  • @Mfp4073 a lot of it is driven by various regulations, especially pedestrian safety. In order for a car to pass all the regulations it has to look pretty much the same as every other car on the road - there are regulations on light heights, pedestrian impacts, gotta have side mirrors (rather than cameras - although Jaguar has apparently been fighting that), and so-on.
  • @Confuse if you look at the for brochure the front and back tyres are 255, current GT are 275 at the rear. That doesn't make sence as even in the US those rims are 9.5" for the back which are the 275 tyres. Misprint? Hard to tell until the new stock roll in. Apparently you can't mix up different provoke tyres on the same axel, even for a short run. Dealer told me this however aren't the space saver tyres all smaller than the standard tyres in most cars? Yeah I'm confused also. Also not sure if the US wheel studs are like the Aussie ford Falcons or not so you would have to check.
  • I really wish car makers would make classic retro looking muscle cars and forget about being a slave to the wind tunnel. I'm sick to death of seeing bland boring designs.They can also scrap the techno / infotainment shite while they're sorting the job out.
  • If I buy a mustang GT 2017 , can I buy a spare tyre for it ?
  • You'd think they would more than snaffle 2000 bloody cars and put the fresh radios in considering they screwed us over with our local industry after numerous handouts from Aussie taxpayers. If that is not reason enough, think back to the 86. A year or two later and everyone has moved on. If BMW could lower the price of their M2 by $10K, or if a BRZ came with a blower for $10K more, Ford would be in deep poop. I wonder if GM will send something newer than that old Camero.
  • Ford. Let's know when you make the XR8 blower (or similar) available on the Mustang. Back in the good old days, car reviews focused on vehicle dynamics. These days, cars are seen as support systems for geeky gadgets like infotainment technology.