HSV Clubsport R8 Track Edition revealed

HSV Clubsport R8 Track Edition revealed

HSV’s will pinch exclusive bits from its range-topping GTS and paste them on its Clubsport R8 to celebrate its final fling with LS3 power.

After quietly exiting the model range late last year, the atmo 6.2-litre V8 will return to HSV's R8 range and bring with it the fittest Gen-F Clubbie yet at a bargain price.

Dubbed the Track Edition, Clayton’s borrowed the GTS’s AP Racing brakes and larger wheels while also upgrading the exterior, interior, and tweaking the suspension to suit its new attitude.

HSV Clubsport R8 Track Edition rearOriginally tasked with 430kW of unforgiving thrust in the GTS, the Track Edition’s new 390mm front rotors and six-pot calipers should have no trouble handling the 6.2-litre LS3’s serve of grunt which is unchanged from the previous tune of 340kW/570Nm.

But while its brakes are from the range-topper, HSV hasn’t carried across the same torque vectoring technology. What are carried over are the 20-inch “Blade”-style wheels worn by the MY15 GTS, measuring 8.5 inches wide at the front and 9.5 inches at the rear.

HSV Clubsport R8 Track Edition wheelKeeping in theme with its name, engineers have upped the Track Edition’s spring and damper rates to improve turn-in, HSV claims, while ‘sports bucket seats’ and suede-wrapping of the steering wheel align the interior with its track-orientated personality.

HSV’s picked through the parts bin for its styling too, as the Clubsport R8 LSA’s front-bar, side-skirts, black mirror coverings, rear spoiler, and rear bumper have been used for the atmo-special.

HSV Clubsport R8 Track Edition frontEagle-eyed bystanders can tell the Track Edition apart by its exclusive black badging, black door-window surrounds and ‘shadow-chrome’ finished exhaust tips. But the unique side-sills and build plates in the interior will remind owners they’re driving one of HSV’s last LS3-powered rides.

Considering the previous 340kW LS3 Clubsport R8 asked for $73,290 before it was axed, the Track Edition will arrive at a relative steal for $68,990 with a six-speed manual aboard.

HSV Clubsport R8 Track Edition manualHSV will fill 150 Australian orders (6 are destined for New Zealand) and charge an extra $2500 if you’re keen on an automatic.

When the Track Edition hits dealers this September it’ll be joined by the Grange SV and Clubsport R8 Black limited editions in sending-off the LS3, which leaves HSV’s factory for good when the Grange finishes up in October.

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  • @Nicko do you think that the number of kw means something to anyone other that muscle(car) heads. lol- straight line people:)
  • @Brendo you are a try hard and it would be more suitable if you drove one of these boats.
  • Lol- track edition (as long as your track is dead straight). what a laugh the people that buy these things are.
  • It is clear HSV's focus and budget is on the LS9 GTS-R or whatever it shall be named, as this "Track" edition and the other special SV and Black editions seem to be much ado about nothing. Upon hearing "Track" edition, I thought to myself here we go; an LSA Clubsport running semi slick tyres, some lightweight front bucket seats (perhaps to be debuted in advance of the GTSR), and yes, the AP racing brakes from the GTS and perhaps even a more stripped back interior priced around the $85k mark as a limited run special edition. Instead what we have is effectively a SSV Redline that is more poorly equipped and more costly to the tune of $15k. Yes it has another 36kw thanks to the extractors HSV runs, and kudos for fitting the AP racing brakes and re-jigging the suspension, but really? Surely your money would be better spent simply getting the SSV and taking it to, say, Walkinshaw and fitting the W375 pack for an all in price of low $60k?
  • Why only 570nm from 6.2 ltr, low output per ltr, this is a lazy way to exit. get a turbo, torque is everything. They should be putting this out with 1000nm +
  • @Nicko motoring.com.au’s 2016 Australia’s Best Driver’s Car >> 1st – BMW M2 >> 2nd – Porsche 911 Carrera >> 3rd – Audi RS 3 >> 4th – Jaguar F-TYPE S AWD >> Inside the dragging den – Performance Testing (Heathcote Raceway >> 5th – Holden SS-V Redline >> 6th – HSV ClubSport R8 LSA >> 7th – Peugeot 308 GTi 270 >> 8th – Ford Mustang Fastback GT >> Lapping it up – Track Testing (Baskerville Raceway) >> 9th – Mercedes-AMG C 63 S >> 10th – MINI John Cooper Works >> 11th – Mazda MX-5 Roadster GT >> 12th – Renault Clio RS220 Trophy >> 13th – Ford Falcon XR6 Sprint
  • Boorring....who the hell would take this lard *** on a track.... if they do...pls give me a yell and I will come and wipe you in my Focus RS on order ::P
  • Meh pretty boring special edition. 70k and 340kws yet still get spanked by a 55k Xr6 Falcon.