Subaru Forester tS specs revealed

Subaru Forester tS specs revealed

Subaru’s rubber stamped final specification for a hot Forester ‘STI’ which will go on-sale here next month for $54,990. 

Perched above the current range-topping turbo XT, the limited run Forester tS is claimed to wear $12K worth of extra Subaru Tecnica International goodies at only a $7K premium, gifting buyers bigger brakes, tuned suspension, and a plethora of styling enhancements.

Subaru Forester tS rearThese include four-piston Brembo calipers up front and two-piston rear units which hide behind new 19 x 7.5-inch wheels which are steadied by STI dampers spiralled with 15mm lower springs.

Elsewhere ‘flexible draw stiffeners’ team up with a flexible front strut bar, while new bushings have been plugged into the front stabiliser and rear subframe, which features an upgraded support.

Subaru Forester tS engine‘Around 30’ items are added in total, the rest being exterior and interior additions that finish the Forester tS in black and ‘red’ (read: pink) trims. Meanwhile an STI front spoiler, rear spoiler, instrument gauge, gear knob, push button, and steering wheel set it apart visually.

Being a ‘tS’ variant, which stands for ‘tuned by STI’, rather than a fully-fledged STI model, the drivetrain’s been left in XT guise where a 177kW/350Nm turbo 2.0-litre boxer is married to a CVT transmission. However it's only been given an extra four kilograms to lug, so expect its 0-100km/h time of 7.0sec to be unchanged.

Subaru Forester tS badgeIt’ll come finished in three exterior hues, pearl white, back, or WR Blue (is pictured), all with the same interior trim.

Australia’s the only market outside of Japan to receive the tuned soft-roader, but Nick Senior, Subaru Oz’s managing director, admits there’s been enough interest it should’ve ordered more than the 300 set to fill showroom floors.

Subaru Forester tS interiorHe’s also confident this won’t be the only tS Australia will wrangle from Japan, saying “It certainly gives us great confidence in progressing other joint projects between the factory and STI.”

Here’s to hoping. 

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  • What a joke Subaru are being left behind by the other fast 4 manufacturers. 177kw is not even in the ball park.
  • cvt only ? more like joke by sti than tuned
  • Thanks Bob. The current crop of PC fascists tend to be terribly anti. Who are they to equate "car enthusiast" with "bogan"? If flower arrangements is their thing, I am happy for them to stick to it. I pile to punt a car quickly around Wakefield. That makes me a bogan? The funny thing is that the PC fascists are very quick to stereotype enthusiasts with cars like the STI, but not a word is said against enthusiasts in Porsches, AMG's etc. But that's typical PC all over. ZERO logic and ZERO equity. It's a one way street with them.
  • @Bob don't get me wrong- i couldn't give a stuff about this car. I'm just sick of Aussie bogans who think that power means something and that looks count for anything. For the record this isn't an "STI" and this is how you reply to comments. You missed the point totally.
  • @meh I drive euro cars but even i think your call is poor. This car is laughable. I owned an my00 sti and yes it had forged pistons and was a rocket. This "STI" is a crime against pre2001 sti's. It is a sluggish engine married to a terrible gearbox in an overpriced and tarted up forrester that looks like it was designed in korea in the 90's. Just another sign of the decline of subaru. Shame on subaru for this abomination. Bob
  • @PAH there's more to life than how big your engine is unless you are trying to compensate. Bogans like youself should still be lapping up the last of the Ausmerican cars at this stage.
  • I'd like to see the STI guys take a look at their STI. What's it pump out? Circa 220kw? And the Australian Ford Focus RS will make north of 250kw? The basic WRX has a twin scroll turbo? Does the STI have a twin scroll turbo? Does the STI have forged pistons? If not, I'd like to see them fitted. The STI used to have forged pistons didn't it? Subaru. I have a suggestion. Fit the 3.6L boxer with a nice turbo. I'd pay another $10k for that! Make a 6 cyl car that goes toe-to-toe with the BMW I40 please!!