Ford fans test XR Sprints

Ford fans test XR Sprints

Falcon fans have taken performance testing Ford XR Sprints into their own hands with impressive results.

The folks from secured the same XR6 and XR8 Sprint vehicles we’ve tested on a number of occasions now and performed 0-100km/h and 80-120km/h tests at a private facility outside of Melbourne.

For the XR6 Sprint the best numbers achieved were 0-100km/h in 4.5sec and 80-120km/h in 2.4sec, while the best numbers for the XR8 were 0-100km/h in 4.6sec and 80-120km/h in 2.3sec.

Ford falcon XR8 sprint rear drivingWhile Ford does not claim performance figures, these numbers match what the engineers’ claim the cars are capable of, though in our own testing we have not been able to get anywhere near these results, with a best of 4.89sec for the XR6 at Winton and 5.01sec for the XR8 at Heathcote.

For the full story, including details on the testing procedure, check out the original thread here.

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