Ford Focus RS demand skyrockets

Ford Focus RS wait list

Prospective Ford Focus RS buyers could face up to an 18-month wait due to high demand and limited supply of the new Blue Oval hot hatch.

Ford Australia is currently unable to give a precise wait time due to not knowing exactly how many orders are with dealers, but early indications are Australia's initial allocation has been sold multiple times over.

Speaking at a Ford event today, CEO Graeme Whickman said: "We are sold out this year, we're probably close to being sold out the following year the way things are travelling, so the best answer I can give you is: none available right now."

Asked whether this level of demand was a surprise, Whickman told MOTOR: "I wouldn't say surprised by demand. The car is well-known, people have been salivating over it for a period of time, but at the end of the day there are only so many RSs being built."

The Focus RS is built in Ford's Saarlouis plant in Germany on the same line as the regular Focus and only so many build spots have been allocated to RS production.

Australia did manage to secure an extra allocation of Mustangs earlier in 2016 in response to huge demand, however Whickman said there's no guarantee the same will be possible with RS.

"Like the Mustang we have continual discussions with our global team in Detriot about what we're seeing as the demand in the market and what our projections might be. We're continually updating that every month and continue to have the dialogue about what we think is the right number.

The Focus RS launches locally in mid-July and we'll bring you a full local review at that time.

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  • You're not wrong Brendo. I placed my order and deposit in February, and was told delivery would be early to mid 2017. Mine was the 3rd RS order the dealer was holding. They told me they are shipped from the factory in batches of 300, and Ford are expecting 2 batches in 2016. One in June, the other in October, but all were sold. However, the dealer rang me 2 weeks ago to say Ford had been allocated an additional 100 cars for 2016, and mine was one of them. Delivery is now December. Their first RS arrives at the dealer this Friday, so at least I get to sit in one, even though it's not mine.
  • oh boy this wait is brutal...........I have been waiting for months and months and months.....and now my Xr6 turbo has blown up......(rather overdue to be replaced).... Man I wish they would give a firm answer - was told July delivery...!! but no word yet...
  • Some have hit the road already not sure of official release (FoA still say Jun 22) but customer cars are moving ;).
  • @Corey There's very little disorganization. If you don't put a deposit down, someone else will buy it. This is what happens when a vehicle is in ultra-high demand. It's clearly your first rodeo with this scenario. Good luck!
  • The whole process has been so disorganised through Ford. Unless you want to have a deposit tied up for years you don't get a car. It's been a major pain for us. I'm just waiting to buy one second hand. I've given up on Ford. I'm not convinced they could organise their way out of a paper bag.
  • We are hoping that you're wrong with that mid-July launch date, do you know something those waiting are going to hate???? ;) June 22 is the date we have.