Hyundai Ferrari replica for sale

Hyundai Tiburon Ferrari replica

When the second-generation Hyundai Tiburon was released in 2001, certain generous sectors of the press described it as looking like a Ferrari 456.

If you squint really, really still doesn't really look like a 456, but the comparison was enough for Rob Lamont to take his 2010 Tiburon to the next level, undertaking more than 150 modifications to add a dash of Prancing Horse magic to his Hyundai.

There are the obvious badges, yellow brake calipers, a special Michael Schumacher plaque inside and an exhaust system "modified to sound exactly like a Ferrari". 

Hyundai Ferrari comparisonRob has helpfully provided a list of 1980s supercar acceleration times to provide context, however he's listed the Tiburon's 0-100km/h time as 6.5sec, which seems slightly optimistic given the official claim is 8.2sec and we managed 9.1sec when the car first appeared in 2002.

If you're keen on this Seoul-Maranello mash-up, the Hyundai Ferrari Tribute is for sale on Gumtree for $14,900. Alternatively, you could buy a regular Tiburon for around $5000 less.


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