Rimac electric supercar toasts Tesla, flogs LaFerrari

When Croatian electric supercar maker Rimac unveiled its Concept S at this year's Geneva Motor Show, we thought "that's cool", reported it and never expected to see it again.

Forgive our cynicism, but at every single motor show there's always some supercar maker from an unusual country making outlandish performance claims, despite the fact that the car spinning on its dais is barely capable of moving, let alone entering production.

But the Rimac works, or at least its baby brother, the Concept One does, and it's unbelievably fast. British race driver Archie Hamilton lined up the battery-powered bullet for a race against a Tesla Model S and a Ferrari LaFerrari and the Rimac smoked both of them.

The Rimac's four electric motors produce a cmobined 811kW/1600Nm, which launches its 1800kg bulk to 100km/h in just 2.6sec and 200km/h in 6.2sec on its way to a 355km/h. Bold claims, but judging by the video above, they're not too far from the truth.

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  • I agree about the pedestrian not easily hearing what are basically very silent electric cars, hence unnecessary and possibly deadly pedestrian accidents happening. And Even when your driving you own car, you want to be able to hear other cars coming through blind spots. They should add some revving sound through the speakers, possibly with gear change sounds so that adults and children crossing can hear them coming! It would also give the Rimac and Tesla character and soul! The Ferrari sounds naturally incredible. But of course, Really, safety should come first! Give them some sound!
  • Try "Launch Mode" in THE Ferrari, Dipchit!!! I heard NO engine rev's before Haggitha's arms dropped. To make this test even remotely scientific, Mr. Dipchit needed to have driven that electric Speed Buggy too!! ROOM-AH ZOOM ZOOM!!!
  • Speed and acelleration figures are meaningless if range is low and empty to full recharging from a household power point takes a couple of days makes these vehicles compromised and useless as daily drives.
  • @Unknown The Model S happens to be one of the fastest electric cars in the world, so is a direct competitor of the Rimac performance wise.
  • Lame. The model S is a sedan. Why did they not use a roadster which is a sports car rather than a sedan? Completely unfair comparison.
  • How about the Rimac v Hennessey Venom GT.
  • Now what we need is the Koreans start to produce similar cars at affordable prices. But when that happens, watch pedestrian deaths skyrocket, especially when they're listening to music on their smart phones. The biko-nazis might have to start riding in their designated bike lanes too (where they exist), rather than blocking up a general purpose lane (just because they can).