2018 Holden Commodore to keep V8 for Supercars

2018 supercar concept 1

Holden has confirmed the next generation of Supercars will run with V8s for the 2018 season, with twin-turbo V6 engines to appear in 2019.

“The next-gen Commodore will be homologated with the current, successful V8 engine for the 2018 season only,” a Holden statement says.

The next engine is currently being developed to fit Gen 2 regulations, with Holden partnering with partnership with the General Motors Performance and Racing Center for the project.

This comes as Holden release the design concept for the next generation Commodore race car, created by GM designer Peter Huges.

The real thing is currently undergoing design and development work, being undertaken in partnership between Holden and Triple Eight Racing.

2018 supercars holden concept
“Our sport prides itself on Supercars being the closest competition in the world, and the phased introduction of the next-generation Commodore will ensure that is maintained,” says Triple Eight boss Roland Dane.

In addition, Triple Eight will seek approval to begin testing the twin-turbo V6 car as a wildcard entry into the 2018 supercars competition.

Holden says the staggered introduction ensures a greater ease in transition to the new model Commodore bodywork for all Holden teams.

Supercars CEO James Warburton applauded Holden on the new Commodore and the V6 development program for Gen 2.

“It is a pragmatic and sensible approach by Holden and Triple Eight Race Engineering in introducing the new Commodore and a twin-turbocharged V6 powered engine to the sport,” he says.

“Importantly it is a win for all the current Teams in terms of the simplicity and market relevance for an easy transition to the new Commodore in 2018.

“This phased introduction sets a clear path forward for not only Holden but existing and new manufacturers in the sport.”

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