Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen drift Aston Martins and caravans

What do you get when you attach a caravan trailer to an Aston Martin, then put an F1 driver at the wheel and point them to the nearest track?

Red Bull Racing wanted to give us a peek at what happens when it introduces a bit of healthy competition between teammates, though we think they may have exaggerated somewhat.

red bull racing caravans verstappen ricciardo onboard
Things have been going steadily for our man Danny-Ric and the ever impressive teenaged Mad Max, so it was probably time for them to relax and have some fun.

Of course, that still means being at the wheel, they need to remain skilful if they want to keep Ferrari and Mercedes on their toes.

red bull racing caravans verstappen ricciardo
It doesn’t take long for the race to turn into a Top Gear-esque mad dash to win, regardless of the consequences.

The result is lots of smoke, a caravan on one wheel (before going the full sideways drag), and bits of wood with #33 and #3 all over the track.

Their reactions indicate this may have been the goal all along…

red bull racing caravans verstappen ricciardo
Aside from the spectacle of the video, the video is entertaining because it’s a break from the slightly more serious personas we see Verstappen and Ricciardo employ during Grand Prix weekends.

Max and Danny are laughing through the whole thing, and using the skill they’ve accumulated as drivers to produce a lot – really, a lot – of tyre smoke.

Keep an eye out for what seems to be a cameo from Red Bull Racing advisor and former F1 driver Helmut Marko.

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