Hyundai tests hot i30 N at Bathurst

For most people, this video is the first glimpse Hyundai has given of its newest addition to the family.

We’ve seen the i30 N tested on ice before, but that’s not a very ‘real-world’ scenario.

This also isn’t the first time we’ve been allowed to see the Hyundai i30 N in action on tarmac – we’ve actually driven it.

But unless you’ve bought the current (July) issue of MOTOR, this is all you’re going to see for now.

We’ll leave the surprises about specific features for you to find out when you read our mag, but at this point it’s worth noting that the i30 N will come in two differently tuned versions… and one gets a bi-modal exhaust.

It’ll also have an LSD and ESC that’ll turn fully off when you want.

That’s why they’re testing it on a track – the man behind the car, Albert Biermann, says a track is the best place to access the properly fun characteristics of the N.

“We do a lot of testing at the Nurburgring Nordschleife, but there are also very challenging tracks out there,” Biermann says.

“One of the most challenging is Bathurst here in Australia.”

So with Hyundai WRC test driver Brendan Reeves at the wheel, more fine tuning is going into the i30 N.

Engineers worked on integrating MoTeC data acquisition and display systems into the N, something few other cars at its sub-$50K price point can offer.

It’s Hyundai’s first crack at a proper performance car, and it’s going straight for the Golf GTI’s jugular.

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