2018 Skoda Octavia RS update announced

2018 Skoda Octavia RS updates

Skoda will update the Octavia for the 2018 model year, with newly-updated models due in showrooms as early as next this month.

However, Skoda is yet to confirm pricing for the anticipated RS245, which features a 180kW version of the otherwise 169kW turbo four found in the RS230 (as MOTOR’s recent long-term test car had), and the next-gen 169 TSI.

The RS245 won’t be available until November, though Skoda says it expects over half of the Octavias it sells to feature the RS badge past that point.

The upcoming TSI models (as well as a 135kW/380Nm TDI) will be priced in a range just below the cost of the outgoing RS230.

The manual TSI169 sedan is priced at $38,890, while the wagon is a $40,390 offering.

The option DSG on either is an extra $500, and while the 'Black Pack' is now a standard fitting to Octavias, the 'Tech Pack' and 'Luxury Park' are $2300 and $2800 respectively.

Additionally, Octavias now include as standard the 9.2-inch media screen and can be optioned with blind spot detection and adaptive chassis control. 

19-inch 'Xtreme' alloys can be optioned for $700, while pearlescent or metallic paint will set buyers back $500. 

Sedans can have a sunroof for an extra $1500, while wagon buyers fork out $1700 for the panoramic sunroof.

In addition, wagons can have an automatic-opening boot optioned for $500.

We'll bring you first drives of the entire updated Octavia RS range as they land in the coming months.


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